Boundless Translation Excel parser


This parser is a one-button solution to convert any Boundless translation to Excel file.
The main purpose is to provide an user friendly and very flexible environnement for translators.!grIFlRyQ!aSiy8Xci9hNH4yvBN2mFeUBNhI-C7JzCnoLWZfIsLj0

Microsoft Excel 2013 or later.

Setup (do it again if you shut down your computer):

  • Open “Boundless Excel Parser.xlsm” to run the macro. Be sure to allow macro!
  • Don’t do anything yet, save and overwrite this file over the “Boundless Excel Parser.xlsx”. Accept the warning message about scripts.
  • You can now edit the data and use buttons. When you are done, save the document as macro embeded again.


  • Use the “Update original” button to reload any new version of “english.json”
  • Use the “Update translation” button to reload the “translation.json”

Saving in Json (experimental: Im still looking for full integrated solution):

  • copy column A and C, put them next to each other in a new document.
  • copy both columns at the same time and paste them on this page: Mr. Data Converter
  • choose “Json Dictionary” as conversion method. Your translation is now boundless compatible.

Working with future updates of Boundless: quick fix
Some lines in the “english.json” have been altered and must be fixed manualy each time Boundless got a new release. It’s still pretty simple: search and replace 3 series of arrays with [ ]. They must be encoded in strings like this ‘[ ]’

Mr Data converter is not 100% accurate. Be ready to fix some conversions errors (use “translation.json” and “english.json” to compare different version)

Will the game be translated?

Noice, wanted to do the French translation, perhaps you’re already on it ^o^


@Trizer ty a lot for this tool


I will probably participate in translation to polish :slight_smile: I just need to find time for it