Boundless Twitter

Anyone think that the Boundless twitter page should be more active?
The Boundless twitter hasn’t been used recently and I think that more players would be attracted to help with the early access development if they had some more recent content to go off of - without having to make a forum account.

What do you guys think?


I think that the Boundless Twitter account as well as the Media section on the playboundless website could use some more attention.

The news/media sections on the website are actually something I brought up a long time ago, but luckily they’ve at least converted the news section to the news category on the forums which is updated fairly often.


Add reddit to this list, as i was almost dissuaded from buying the game because it seemed that it was abandoned due to lack of activity / fresh posts that i saw there along with twitter and the out dated website.

Or at least do a semi regular post on all the social media platforms (by devs / official wonderstruck / turbulenz post) redirecting people to the forums when they do get there…


I was attempting to edit the css and make it a bit more welcoming. But man that thing is a mess…


I’ll admit that though I frequent Reddit, I don’t think I’ve ever visited the Boundless subreddit. I would definitely check it out more often if it was more actively maintained but I feel that the discussion is more or less centralized on this forum, so it could just be a waste of time.

Izah hates twitter. Use Discord. >.>

I think what they are doing with the forums is fine, you don’t actually have to have an account to check these forums. It should be your go to thing for this game though as it’s the official whatnot.

Whats twitter and reddit lol


Yeah i dont think de-centralizing the discussions would be useful, but i do feel that a post every now and then from the dev team redirecting people to here would help a lot.

Many people use the other platforms for day to day things and don’t know about the forums - I’m suggesting more a way to bring new people here than to take the discussion there :slight_smile:

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I’d like to mention the Boundless YouTube channel too. There are currently 2.4k people subscribed to the channel with the last video being published over a year ago.

I was thinking that instead of not using YouTube at all and only listing videos from creators in a playlist, the devs could establish a partnership between active creators and allow them to use the Boundless YouTube channel for more attention. This is a sort of community-run idea which attracts people who like to make videos on Boundless and could possibly bring back some of those 2.4k people who may not be following the game anymore.

I found this game through YouTube and I am sure many did too, promoting those videos on an official channel would bring more attention to the game and to the people who make them.

However, this may be something for the future. Perhaps after release it could be used to showcase patch notes and guides which are already being made by a few Boundless YouTubers.
What do you think?


We do advertise streamers on our youtube channel and facebook. But it is a lot of manpower for someone to search for the videos and quality control them to make sure they represent the game in the right way (family friendly).

We have encouraged players to let us know about their Streams so we can watch them and link them to our facebook page and youtube channels.

If a player or a group of players want to help us out and point us at videos we should be sharing on our social media platforms then please share them with us. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget there is also youtube gaming: