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Well as to world, it would need to be a place for new people to have easy access. Also, what tier world would you put it on? T1 or 2? T3?

And then it would be deciding location.


One thing people might consider doing, is putting guild books in this capital area for all the guilds who are accepting new players, so people don’t have to search across the galaxy for guilds to join.


Personally i’d say a T1. But those are littered with dead builds and possible problems. (IMO)
Unless anyone knows of a good spot maybe?
I was on Seginiakai and noticed some room yesterday. Believe thats a T2?

Agreed though. If we can pick a planet, then its just location and everyone working together if we can manage it :slightly_smiling_face:


I like this list. Its a good outline :+1:

Wow, thank you for the compliment! IDK how good I would be at a montage, but I could try. I would want clips from the community, not just my own.


I agree with @Apt. If this is a way to showcase the game then interesting geography should be taken into consideration


Love the idea of Ovis’s transport trick in tunnels…we can call it “The Hypoort Loop” :thinking::rofl:


Right now I’m plotting out roads on grovteh right now. Also the FIRMhub is colour coded for difficulty. It’s not full yet. But I totally agree for new players. I love helping new people. I totally love this game.


@KArios is coming hahah- 3 times a charm lol

Everyone should reclaim everything in one hit and build a massive world under the surface together like a massive crystal cave- I just reclaimed 4000 plots in one hit.


Totally agree with that idea!! And it’s also what’s happening around EZPZ city and on Maryx. There were a few new bases and a nice new shop (advertising for the Grand Sanctum Shop) been built around the city in the past few weeks, and we are supporting stacks of blocks and building hammers & chisels for the new players to start with. In addition to the city I know Dragon’s Lair folks @Dwarftree @Wondernut @Neo699 @honeybear730 are actively building and maintaining their great block shop (The Quarry) on Maryx. There are constantly 3-8 players on the planet. And I think some old players are planning to move to Maryx as well :eyes:


:joy: stalker

10 char

I would never 28k plots I rather just build a cave around the city itself mwahahahaha


this would actually be really cool :laughing:

Lol just my luck :four_leaf_clover:

Cookie kingdom could be the ascendant god level build location hahah - only if the oortian blood runs through the veins of the chieftain demigod shall they be given access to the realm of cookie dough for eternity. :wink:

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Now I’m just babbling

Just wanted to throw this idea out there for this city…

I think most of us agree that one unfortunate issue for the social side of the game is the lack of activity to keep us hanging around home. Basically building, crafting, and chatting with people who are building and crafting. Why not add some friendly competition that could be fun to play and watch?

Dodgebomb was great. I never got to see it live but caught it on YouTube and it’s awesome. The problem is it takes a lot to organize. It needs to be a tournament to make it worth setting up, plus a host to do the work and basically referee the whole thing.

With something like this, anyone can walk up to it and play solo. You can practice in the public arenas or build your own little rink. You can challenge someone on the spot and play for 30 seconds or 2 hours. We could have official ranked matches. I’d be down to commission a little league.

Btw- swift reel grapples and fall armor are basically necessary for the best experience :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: guess I should mention that in my own thread.


When IT comes to Plots i ve about 30 k i can spare
For Town Center , Hub , roads , Parks whatever

What about Arie ? Its a T1 and Lots of people are there every day , the whole RTG Guild .

That would be very beginner friendly Just a thought .


Back in my early days of the game, I came across a huge black cube with a doorway. Going inside, I found a nice sized town with 1 plot cottages, streets, creeks, small bridges over them, with lanterns on poles. It had warp conduit on the ceiling to look like starlight. It was set in perpetual night.
Something like dwarven village or such. I don’t remember where it was, as the character I had it bookmarked on has since been deleted. But it was really neat.

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