Boundless Universal Trade Tracker [BUTT]

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BUTT is the next step in making prices more universal, crowd sourcing price data.

There’s two tools needed to update the price data

  1. @Simoyd’s Price Harvester to scan for prices on the planet you’re currently on
  2. PriceSync.exe to send that data to BUTT


I’ve done an initial scan yesterday to populate the database with some initial data, it took almost 4 hours, so there’s no way one player will be able to keep the data fresh alone.

If you’d like a preset item list to scan for, download and overwrite SelectedItems.xml in the Price Harvester folder. Beware, it has 200+ items in it and will take 5-10 minutes per planet (depends on your ping), so if you want quick results or want to see prices for items not on the list, make a custom one. The list will be refined with time, it includes most raw resources atm, but not many end products.

Bugs? Report them here in this thread or PM me.


This is awesome!!

Hoping it works, not a lot of testing has been done, the harvester has some kinks that might make it throw errors :sweat_smile:

One thing I can already see, seems its not worth to sell coils when theres so many selling for cheaper then me ahah.

On topic, awesome work as always Mayumichi, il see what I can do about scanning

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It’s a bit weird that people are processing the resources and losing money while doing it. Maybe they just don’t realise. But I’m optimistic that this will make prices more logical when you can see the real prices of things currently on the market, we’ll see :smiley:

On the scanning, just having the thing run in the background while normal play works pretty well, every time I go back home or visit a mall for more than a few minutes, the planet gets a full update. If more people start doing that it’d be pretty good.


Is there any way to hide tiny results? Say, items there are less than 5 of in stock? A lot of the results are “junk” eg who cares if there’s a piece of hard coal for 1c if there’s only one of it.

Not yet, but I too was thinking it would be useful. Probably will make it configurable, since some items aren’t wanted in big volume. This is just the first version to get the basic functionality tested, lots of other stuff I’ve been thinking about :smiley:

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Why tariff tracker? I’d go with “trade tracker” maybe

The full name was just a forced thing from the acronym, and since you don’t really trade (or track actual trades) on the website I was looking for another word. But maybe trade would be more fitting than tariff :thinking: I simply refer to it as butt :smiley:

Missing Gleam :persevere:

Would it be useful? The data only contains the top 15 results per planet, and no color info.

For marble makers(refined) and for gleam chest makers(tho that’s refined too lol) it would be useful.

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wow, I love the shorten name.


I’ll add it to the list then:)

In the end I’d like to have preset lists that are pulled from the server, which you can easily switch between, but I’d need the harvester to change a bit for that to be possible. The dream would be to integrate all this in to the harvester itself. Ok the real dream would be a dev sanctioned api I could poll so all the data is automatically updated, but that’s probably a long way off :stuck_out_tongue:


Along with the rest of the meta data like forge properties and colors :sleeping:


I’ll try to get my price harvester open source so you can make this one app. sorry for the delay


Nice. That’s the only way some people like me will use it (since i cant run your software in a VM). Hard to trust software from unknown sources. Will read the code build and then use it :slight_smile:


basically pick a couple of planets and keep your region up to date… should be possible as a community :smiley:


so running this with the price harvester i never get a prompt that its uploading anything to the server

Lol, butt…