Boundless vids and streams by Turrican2006

I ll recomand Support for vids Need to be done and Things which Need to be explained

I ll do new vids Like i told in an Other Post so people have IT perhaps easier to get into the game .

I ll try my best to do it understandable .

If you want to Help getting new playes into the game Share IT where you can If you Like IT Like i did it.

Boundless EP. 1 lets get started

Boundless EP. 2 Lvl Up

Boundless EP. 3

Boundless EP. 4 Where to find hunts

Boundless EP. 5 more machines and Spark

Boundless EP. 6 where and how to find Material s

Boundless EP 6 Part 2

Boundless EP 7 Plattform Hunts

Boundless EP 8 Running Hunts

Boundless EP 9 Farms and Farm School

Boundless EP 10 Huntboards thats new

Boundless EP 11 setting Up Portal s

Boundless EP 12 Guilds


You did great mind I share on my Twitter?

Z :rabbit:


Sure i ll do it Not for me i ll do it for the Game and US AS Community


Added 3 rd Episode


Added 4 TH and 5 TH vid


Can you please Take at Look the 4 TH vid and give Info If that IS everything correct If Not please Message me and i ll correct IT.

Explained in 5th vid how to Work with the ingame search for buying and selling too please don t be angry that i say there IT IS cheaper than there but for new Players every coin counts . Did this only for coils .


Added EP 6


Added Part 2 of Episode 6

Needed to do a second Part of this because i forgot Something to Tell and expanded IT also to explain how to get to Exo planets.


Glad i ll do these vids :grinning::grinning: because of them i ll could Help already some people thats great and makes me Happy :grinning::grinning:


yeah i like the video man thank you for giving me a shout out keep it up man

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Sure @2FACEWICKED why not ?

I added EP 7 Plattform Hunts and EP 8 Running Hunts

Plattform Hunts Recorded on Oortbusters Hunt yesterday, thats why i was only short on the hunt because of Rendering the vid between both hunts.

Same for running Hunts at GTG hunt yesterday.

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Great job doing these @Turrican2006

Iā€™m sure these can be a great help for new players joining the game!


Thx , i Hope IT does.

Added Episode 9 Farms and Farm School

If anyone has ideas for further vids or what you re missing let me know.

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Live on YouTube now , T7 Exo mm Mining :grin::grin::grin:


Added Boundless EP 10 Huntboards thats new

T7 Blink Live Stream


Added Boundless EP 11 setting Up Portal s

Live T6 hunt

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Added Boundless EP 12 Guilds

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Exo Hunt live


I popped by for a meteor when I had a spare minute. Good to see the hunts are all still alive and kicking! Great work Turrican!