Boundless was okay yesterday but today it's not?

I played Boundless yesterday and it was alright. I already had to grind for two weeks to get back my skills that were lost in an update. Like having a compass and being able to craft basic necessities. I also upgraded my Tool Mastery with Hammers all the way, but saw no increase in speed for mining.

But today the health bar/compass look different and despite having MAX mastery of hammers, it’s taking 2-3 times MORE swings to mine simple rock.

What happened?!

An update happened which they will probably step back a few steps cause yeah not alot of people were happy with the extra swings and such

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I hope that they do. Because making the game less fun to play does not seem like a good move :confused:

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Which world are you on? If it’s on and non-starter world, I’s suggest taking a look at @Havok40k 's post in this thread for a more detailed explanation of what it sounds like you are experiencing.

The game is essentially going through a bunch of iterations in regards to progression and balancing on higher tier worlds.

Edit: Or read @luke-turbulenz 's post below :wink:

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This update is the first of many steps to bring progression to the game worlds. From now on you’ll find that:

Home Worlds - Easy (basic gear, stone and copper will do)
Moon Worlds - Medium (need to think about using alloys)
Ring Worlds - Hard (need to think about using gems)

Hopefully, we’ll have more shades (worlds of different difficulties) in the middle so it won’t be such a power jump between them.

It would interesting to know what items you are using, skills you have, what you are trying to collect/fight and what world you are on and how you are finding these things on the current version.

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yeah they were trying to make it so that certain planets were “harder” and more challenging to balance out the progression of Miners and Fighters (which honestly just u can’t find that right blanace since Fighters are really warranted in this game since u can just avoid the monsters and such…unless they make SEVERE drastic changes to PVE they shouldn’t be nerfing mining but instead buffing PVE and so forth…again this is all alpha so yeah it’s a bit of tag and pull really until they can figure out what works and what doesn’t xD

I was on Vulpto just now but had to stop playing because it was taking so long to do anything. I hope this gets resolved soon. I already came back to Boundless after two months because my desktop died and I finally got my new one. Then I couldn’t do ANYTHING and had to do a lot of trial and error/google searching to figure things out and begin buying skills.

Right now I have Max hammer tool skills, bought the whole column, which should make me pretty boss with hammers right? I was using an iron hammer which normally takes out stone in two swings and any fossil/ore in four swings. Suddenly it’s taking double swings. And when I used the Titanium hammer it doesn’t go ANY faster. The hammer swings faster, sure, but then takes more swings than iron so in the end I’m not mining any faster it’s just making more noise!

And if I’m supposed to get gem tools to have an efficient working rhythm, I’m screwed. For all the months of playing the game since I first got it I have never, ever seen a gem in the wilds. Despite following peoples’ online guides on where to find gems. I’ve never seen them except being sold by other players.

I might have to give up on Boundless if I keep getting set back without warning or follow-up explanation in game as to why I am suddenly ineffectual again.

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yeah i suggest moving back to Berlyn or a start planet…the harder planets just aren’t worth it right now sept for the gems…

Can’t say that you’ve not had warning- it’s literally all here on the forums weeks in advance in most cases.

I don’t mean to sound overly harsh, but… these are all fair expectations for an early access game in this stage of development. It’s even written right into the startup screen at launch. If you’re very uncomfortable with the sometimes chaotic changes in development, it may be best to shelve the game until it reaches a more stable state. Nobody wants you to have a bad feeling before the game even launches. Come back and give it a try after months of development perhaps?


I’m starting to think that probably the release of harder planets to live should be simultaneously released with the currently being discussed additional reward for mining on them (Ore purity variation, more ore in a block, etc.).

@Havok40k That’s a valid statement but I guess it could be done a little smoother? It still needs to have playing players in live for testing and from @Doodlebotbop’s description, it seems to be a little too much for some or most. (Disclosure: I haven’t tried mining on harder world yet)

Hi @Doodelbotbop,

You’ll be able to farm faster than was previously possible on the starter planets (you can even 1-hit ores now). Also, better tools are now more powerful. I’d recommend trying that for now (as is their intention with the new progression).

As for the ring worlds: You’ll find gems even easier now! Most people won’t be going there to mine them any more as the other ore is pointless to farm there at the moment :evil grin: Going for diamond / ruby is easiest - they are relatively abundant (just look close to lava under mountains far away from portals).

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Mob HP is also ridiculous, estimated HP 20k for standard wildstock and just got 1-shot from it, while he is taking 300 dmg from my diamond slingbow that dealt 1,2k dmg and with its scatter affix it’s usless now. Hope this is fixed soon. This is not fun


I agree. Forget hunting now.

Getting oort stones now is just ridiculously insanely hard. From 1 hit kill a cuttle (FAR TOO EASY) to hitting it 30 or 40 times now is just totally unbalanced.
I don’t mind a good fight with mobs, but this is just broken. What would a boss battle look like in this update, I do not even want to know.

Keeping portals open will be a hell if this is not rebalanced.

It is just not worth it wasting your time and gem weapons on these mobs to get oort stones, then I rather not have portals to be honest !


What are you hitting it with?

Tried diamond slingbow, topaz slingbow, ruby slingbow. Even sapphire slingbow is no good now.

I am making emerald slingbows now to test.

I will make a Youtube video on mob killing so you can see ! That is the best way so you can see yourself.


I’ll jump on later and try the amethyst sling bow as well

I have amethyst and will test it too :slight_smile:

Video is uploading to YT now, will post the moment it is done.

I agree with the sentiments spoken here. I understand that there need to be some balance, and it taking the same amount of shots for mobs on low level planets compared to high level planets was a bit odd, but this update gets it wrong the other way around. Indeed, i wasn’t even able to kill a cuttletrunck with a copper slingshot now, while it used to take two shots. I was happily filling up two portals with the spoils, and was even contemplating making another portal. Well, that plan is scrapped for the forthcoming future.

While this was already expected i do not take kindly the amount of swings it now takes to break a block. This has seriously taken the fun for me out of this game. I like to work in a fast pace, and i like to make glass and use a lot of glass in my builds. But it takes more resources to make glass then in couch minecraft and this has now become such a grind i pretty much think i will be only logging in to get the daily and weekly bonus and wait till the fun has returned.


Have a look and count the hits per different slingbow…


Yikes! I would accept that if they dropped 30 oort stones.