Boundless Weekly


Starting a new weekly vid showcasing 5 cool builds in boundless.
Come give my first one a watch and feel free to nominate new builds for future videos. Please do so in the comments section of the vid or to me directly in game.


This vid has so far had 60 views and thus far my most popular video. Thank you to everyone who watched it.

I am sorry this week’s s video did not come out. Between domestic issues, launch of an anticipated game, and granting time for free weekend arrivals to get their feet under them and get building I opted to delay my next video for an extra week. I will post it here when it gets uploaded. Be sure to watch for it. Also if you are reading this and have NOT seen my first vid. Go give it a look and leave your comments.

Many thanks.


Also if you have a build you would like to feature. Or know of a build that should be featured. Let me know here, in the comments of my vid, or in game @Kelbec. You can also visit my build located on Storis II . Portal access via Gorvidias Te portal seekers hub. Behind the imdarii portal. “Neflheim”


think ya should check out the burningman estate by dunedragon he always has some wacky builds current one has human pinball machine and games longest slide
he got special portal near aqua embassy hub lounge zone
our a custom portal shape as 2 mirrored pyramids
also pretty easy to find it on beckon look in the aquatopian embassy for a human sized pinball machine :joy: