Boundless Wisdom

Dormant meteors can be looted by all of your alts, not just the first one that finds it.


Home is where the heart is, but the stars are made of gems.


No matter how big your build is planned, its going to end up bigger.


haha i would like to see you hunt with 10 alts :joy:

is that for foliage in your beacon? I still almost die when I land on the top of the trees around my place :sob:

They changed the fall damage from foliage, now you take some damage, earlier you did not.

But you can use any tool to hit the ground to avoid damage if you hit before you land, not only grapples.


Some dream of climbing mountains…others hollow them out looking for gems.


can make a couple trampoline blocks they will null the damage

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Did foliage do damage if so my wisdom is from ancient times

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Don’t listen to me dev changed the foliage damage

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Moebs is low key trying to get us all killed :smiling_imp:


I havent received falling damage in deserts even when falling from quite high; sand seems to hurt less when you fall on it and almost never damages me when its sloped too*… maybe a sand pit with tiny sloped dunes is what every build needs!

.* needs experimental verification under controlled circumstances…

The forum: Join at the risk of losing sanity. Once joined and locked in conversation you’ll maybe spent more time here, instead of playing the game.

If you read this it’s already too late…

Don’t worry, I would have had my dear, sweet husband check it out for me first. ;D

Well, a fall that reeally should have killed me didn’t… I landed on foliage and seemed to take significantly reduced damage but it could have been more of a slope thing.

Yes, Foliage and Sand deal less impact damage when falling


Awesome! I’m gonna have to use this with my ice slides!

Man who stand on furnace… high on pot.

Seriously though. For a long time I had a sap problem, needing tons of sap for glue and forging supplies. BUT apparently the amount of sap you get from deforestation is significantly higher on Lush planets, than all other planets. So what previously took me 3 hours to gather, now takes me about 20 minutes.


to make turns use a wall off trampolines add side blocks to regulate speed use trampoline drop ins and single portal block to add location :grin: Join the aquatopia trainslide system

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