Boundless with a Steam Controller

I tried last night and Boundless played pretty well with the new controller. It took a bunch of messing with the control setup to get it playing right for me, but in the end it feeling pretty good.

Also, big thanks to @TheBirne for his setup! (At least I think that was him)


hehehe, you are welcome … as a early owner of the pad I just had to check it out on B< and I quickly realised that this config would be cool to share … I’m just thiking about switching the jump to another button …

I think the steam pad is better then “normal” dual stick pads for fps games … I also used it on other games which normaly use a mouse and feeled comfortable right from the beginning. It’s just marvelous :wink:


Sounds really cool. I ordered a Steam controller. It has been sent by Valve but not yet delivered by the mail company.

If I may ask TheBirne, where do you share your setup? Is it on Steam itself?


Yeah, it’s built into Steam’s UI: Each game can recommend a controller config, and players can also share theirs (you get a list of configs to browse through)

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japp, nevir is right. It is implemented in the overlay, where you can set it by using a default setting, some suggested ones by the game devs or those made by other players. The also show how many players are using each setting. And if you like your own one you can save it with few clicks, no matter if private or for open use … Simple, but effective :stuck_out_tongue:

It also has loooooots of settings and options, like 10-20 each per stick or touch mode … real komplex, but very eas to use :wink:

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I’m so very torn - I can’t decide whether I like the left pad or the left stick for movement

movement is better with a stick, but the cam/vision is good with the trackball setting on medium flow with some minor boost … it’s just a must :wink:

haptic feedback is real optional … I don’t use it anymore ^^

Yeah; really only useful for the trackball style mouse

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