Boundless with Steam Proton

I have a friend who runs boundless using the Steam Proton tool for Linux, he isnt super active on the forums so I figured id post here for him. Are there any other players who use this Steam tool to play? The recent update to boundless ended up breaking the compatibility but if anyone here knows anything or has any helpful tips we would be super greatfull!


The game runs smooth with Proton (Valves Wine with DXVK and some fixes) but I have some issues with switching between the items in my hands by scrolling. It skips everytime 1 item. so i can effectively only use 4 slots per hand without jumping into the inventory

X    X                         X
                  OR        X     X
X    X                         X

@james are there any news on a native Linux Version?

Last time we considered it - the conclusion was that the Proton path was best. I’m not sure releasing (even with heavy + flashing warnings) a completely untested Linux binary over the fence is a better option.


do you have any idea about the scrolling issue?

Sorry - I’ve never tried Boundless on Proton.

It sounds like the scroll wheel is registering the input twice.
(I personally just play with 1-8 to select combos, and then Q+Right or Q+Left to switch.)

Unless @lucadeltodecso has any ideas?

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