Boundlexx API: An API to get all things related to Boundless

Everything should be back up now. Sorry for the extended outage!


oh snap that was probably my fault for saying the thing i shouldn’t have said…

i guess i should have busted one of these out

Boundlexx should be 100% migrated back to its original host and running back at full capacity. Over the next few days I will monitor and resolve any slowness in scanning and make sure everything is up to date.

  • Item images are now available via the API. This includes just about every possible variation (colors) of the items images as well. That is over 72,000 images!
    • image_url has been added to the item list and item detail APIs. For items with color variations, this one is always the White (228) variation by default.
    • has_colors has changed meaning slightly. has_colors means the item itself has color variations. To get the various color variations, you can take the image URL and replace the item_id for the item in the URL with {item_id}_{color_id} to get that color variation. Example: For Gleam: To get Black Gleam, replace 9555 with 9555_1:
    • has_world_colors is a replacement for the old has_colors. It means the item falls in one of the 45 that can vary from world to world and gets posted in forum/Discord templates.
  • Item images are now used in Forum templates. See for an example.

Note: Some items are known to have missing images (like liquids, foliage, grass, mould, non-meta metamorphic variants of ore seams, etc.). I hope to get these in the nearish future whenever the upstream rendering tool is able to handle them.

Huge thanks to @willcrutchley and his Icon Renderer to make this possible.


Absolutely awesome, thanks to both you and @willcrutchley for your work on this for the community!

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  • Fixes rendering for Lucent Seams, the Stone Slingbow and the Atlas (other items with missing images are still to be fixed)
  • Adds /metals/ endpoint for string locations of different types of metals
  • Adds has_metal_variants to Items list and items detail. This works the same exact way as has_colors except for items that get their tint from a metal. Images will be {item_id}_{metal_id} where metal ID comes from the new /metals/ endpoint
  • Adds thumbnail images for all items, worlds and emojis (including all item image variants). All thumbnails are 50x50 instead of their original size (massive decrease for item images). To use a thumbnail image, replace .png with _small.png from the image_url that is returned.
  • The color for the default image for most items (all except crops that produce items in all colors like goo, season items, Sentinel Crests, etc) have been given more better default based on the default colors provided by the game itself.

The Boundlexx Backend is now Open Source

I finally got around to migrating the docker images to GHCR from as well as moving all of the code that directly interacts with the Boundless game servers out of the main repo allowing me to finally make the majority of the project open source. Now you get to see my horrible code and contribute, if you really want to. You will not actually be able to populate your database with data from game servers (actual Worlds, World Block Colors, shop data, etc.), but everything should “work” for the most part. More docs + fixtures (test data) to be added in the future!

  • Adds last_updated field to worlds. Also adds accompanying ISO range filter with it. So you can do last_updated_after=2021-04-21 to get all worlds updated after today. Timestamps must be in ISO 8601 format. Worlds are “updated” when any data on them (end date for example) changes or their block colors change. It will not update when there is a new world poll or shops have updated on the world (otherwise all worlds would be constantly updated).

Also, thumbnail generation is now complete.

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  • Adds /exports/ endpoint. This is a list of exported generated files for people to download and use. This files (at least currently) have bulk operations that would be difficult to expose all of the data as a REST API (like all of the possible recipes or block colors).
    • Two current exports are color_export which is an Excel spreadsheet with all of the possible block colors (updated ~1 a hour) and recipe_export which is an Excel spreadsheet with all of the game recipes (update manually on game updates).

Hey @Angellus,

The Boundlexx site seems to have issues for the last few days. What is going on? :slight_smile:
Would be great if we would be able to use it again!

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Should be fixed. Not sure what the root cause was as of yet. I fixed it by turning off and on the nginx reverse proxy, but no idea why it happened in the first place.


I’m having trouble getting boundlexx to load. Wondering if it’s just me?


I have the same. @majorvex


All things API related have been having issues for a few days now.

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boundlesxx left the building now it’s my BounlEXx