Bounty Hunter thread

Want to make things more exciting while wandering the worlds of the Oortiverse, live dangerously knowing that others are gunning for you? You have come to the right place.

Welcome to Bounty Hunters!


  1. You can only put a price on your own head. No unwilling participants.
  2. Bounty claimed by first person to post a screenshot of your body in this thread. Delivery method up to you. You can always repost a bounty, of course.
  3. This will be a little like Borderlands - you can have optional requirements for added bonuses. For example, as I will do below, I’ll add a bonus for video proof of being directly involved in my death rather than just waiting for me to die on my own. Or die on a certain world, die in a certain way, even on a certain day. Lots of possibilities here!
  4. In case needed, add exclusions if you want to, like deaths while on group hunts excluded. Or include or exclude alts.

Who knows if there will be interest, but I think it does add some excitement, both to hunt and be hunted, and an extra incentive to avoid death. :wink: So giving this a shot.

First Bounty:

The Mushroom Kingdom of the Oortiverse have taken out a hit on me for heartlessly wiping so many of their kind to sell their body parts on my plinths.

Reward for corpse screenshot: 50 blink
Bonus: 20 each rift and umbris - Post a video showing you were somehow directly involved in my death. Kite mobs over, grapple me into lava, destroy the ground beneath my feet… get creative! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll either meet up with you to deliver the reward or hide a plinth real well and send coords.


Ahhh this is going to be great fun! Who else can I hunt down? :smiling_imp:


Only the merciless Paka can kill mushrooms and kill herself too :rofl:.


What an awesome idea! :rofl: May want to warn your hunt group if the bounty hunters are after you though.


Im ready to clap at you when you claim a reward :joy:

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Just remember, you asked for this :smiling_imp:


Haha, well, I don’t plan to make it easy - that would be no fun, after all! :wink: I’m going to be on my toes (this is fun, really!), best bet by far is going to be getting me on an exo, either through terrain or high level mobs. Or just wait for me to inevitably die for the basic reward, that really shouldn’t take long. If lucky though, I DO go AFK sometimes, also I’ll do stuff like climb the large buildings in Ultima (grapple me off, haha!) on occasion. And I sometimes face-plant death with my grapple in crowded areas. Heh, maybe I’ll even plop on the angel statue and give a few random opportunities if it isn’t claimed quickly…

Also, I plan to repost mine, as I’ll be killing a lot more mushrooms. :smiling_imp: Though the reward won’t be as big as this first one, and I might give it a week or so cooloff between bounties.

Uh oh. Are you saying I’m aloud to kill you? Lol.

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:rofl: :rofl:

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If you can… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It’s over for you!:skull:


I love this!
I’m also gonna laugh when paka reports her murderer to @james and gets them banned


Interesting :smirk:

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I knew this one would get your attention… :rofl: But might not be so easy as killing me in your trials, this time… :wink:

@DKPuncherello - Hehe, he should probably commend my killer for avenging his beautiful fungi creations that I have been driving to the brink of extinction… :laughing:



If you don’t get me first this time, maybe I’ll hoard a mountain of sap and make that part of the bounty for the next go… :wink:

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Hoard some coal or metals please too.


If movies taught me anything, it’s that bounty hunters should first befriend their targets :joy::joy::joy:

Reviver brew and teaching pie laced with poisonous hopper eyes.


Ah, those are good, hmm, yeah, I’ve already got a package in mind for the next go. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I probably will give it a week or so cooloff between runs… I hope we get more bounties, haha! :wink:

On what @DKPuncherello said, come to think of it, I never did exclude the devs themselves and their superpowers… heh, now that would be pretty funny I admit, if I got smited for the reward… :laughing:

Edit: If I die, also, I’ll give at least 20 seconds or so for the screenshot op, even if I don’t think anybody is around. Tonight’s plans should give a pretty good chance… I mention them in another thread… I won’t be cheap and Sanctum away if you find me, though I’ll make an attempt to escape (which will be tough)… and if my corpse falls out of sight and you can’t record, a screen of the “Player Defeated” will work, big clue there… :wink:


Did anyone get you yet?

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