Brand new mining network!


Hey Everyone!

So, having noticed that a lot of places portals have been shutting down. We have decided to create and open an amazing new mining Network.

We have spent the last week trolling the planets, looking for all the hottest mining areas. It is available for all to use, for all gems. Emerald, Amethyst, Ruby, Diamonds, Topaz and Saphire.

It is accessible through the BLINGZ’N’THINGZ hub. You can get to our hub through the following places;
Meteor Meet
Coinland Plaza
Ground floor of Ultima Mall
TNT Mega Hub
Main Lobby of Quebec Mall
PS Hub Lamblis
PS Hub Gloviathosa
Diligence Footfall Slide Lobby
Jaceys Mall (portal name; 2 Bob Bits)

We look forward to seeing you around, and if there’s anything that you need or any input on changes etc it would be greatly welcomed!

Please note all of the mines are on T6 planets, so you will need the specific tools/skills/requirements for these planets :blush:




My morning is now better


It’s looking good. I’ll definitely be making use of it.

Bill a.k.a Brick


Thanks guys!
There’ll be all the mining supplies throughout also, atlas’ etc.

Really appreciate the feedback!

Hey brick :sweat_smile:


Lol also amused.

Poor planets


Thank you for creating this mining hub. I appreciate being able to use farms.


No problem! Thanks for the kind words! If you ever have any spare, please use the donation baskets for oortstone, the continued support makes it easier for us to keep the portals open :blush: