Breaking too many resin blocks with one hit


gathering 15 blocks of resin with one hit onstead of 9 (AoE all adjacent hammer) - it says so in the log (top right) and it says so in my inventory (up from 775 to 790 with one hit in this case


Rng. The source block will drop as more than one. It’s a resource seam. Think of it like an ore seam or any other seam for that matter.


oh, I thought they were blocks not resource! every day something new - thanks for info :sunglasses:


Correct ^^.


No you can find it in the resources tab of the planet and as it gets depleted it will disappear.


They are block when we place them lol but resource when natural


Maybe my hammers are magic…? That seems like the logical explanation


first thing I thought - super duper all adjacent and below :sunglasses::metal::hammer: