Brews? (Give us our goblets after drinking a brew!)

With this talk of cheese, you might summon my patron daedra… :stuck_out_tongue:



We get buckets back with diminishing durability as it is used and I think it would be neat to see the same with the cups/goblets!


I’m not one to throw away gold, silver or titanium cups!

I’m forever throwing away gold, silver and titanium cups … my local supermarket can just about keep up with the demand … :thinking: I’ll have to see if Costco do them, cheaper in bulk :slightly_smiling_face:

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I did always wonder about the chalices. Seems like such a waste.

How about we use hides for old fashioned leather pouches? Oh, but those are reusable too…

Oh! Oh! Maybe we use all those emptied milk gland sacs and just tie off the ends. Like sausage casings.

Or… Do those just get chucked into the blender as a whole for that extra “pulpy” texture?

(My goal was to make at least one person gag, just a little. :smiling_imp: )

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Accomplished! This post started as a joke but…we should be able to get the goblets back!!

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Agreed. :grin:

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I would have a recycling can by my door!

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Right! Buy brew, drink brew, save goblet and sell back to recycle. Sounds oddly like something people do IRL!!! And it’s ECO friendly wheres @Buugi !!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How are the containers made for the mega brews? I’ve never made any and I’m at work so can’t check.

But id say we are probably like those dogs that eat license plates and we just eat the containers.

They use ancient vital essence and clay soil.

1 & 2 use base metal

3 & 4 use precious alloy

5 uses titanium alloy

No other ingredients.


I always imagined it being more like


The workbench actually inscribes the sides of each brew cup with transmatter runes that will vaporize the cups after use.

…We’re not quite sure if the matter is truly dispersed or if they are teleported and we’re filling another dimension with trash.


That sounds like Vapoorize.

Edited to fix fictional product name


ding, ding, ding

You just described part of how and why planets regenerate their ores!



This still needs to be a thing!

Yes I agree
Goblet recycling bins

But empty goblets need to stack with brews.

It should be just like buckets they have durabilty

I rather have the glands back :wink:

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Looks like ya gland request basket is full @AeneaGames