Bridges Multiple Settlement Issue


I am having issues with Bridging Multiple Settlements and would like to know if anyone can help me out.

I had this issue before, I read through the forums and gotten suggestions and the issue was resolved. But this time around I can not get the issue corrected.
I’ve spent over 4 hrs trying everything that worked last time and still unable to fix it.
I’ve even gotten other players to come over and check it out, but no luck.

Any help or suggestion will be appreciated.



I’ll free up in about 10 -15 minutes I think. I can come see if the beacon viewer helps.

If you’re on a PC you can use the tool that shows you which plots are in bridging status. The rule for conveying settlement status is, I believe, 6 plots in the adjacent 9 plot columns right now. As long as you are at least two wide everywhere it should resolve.

If you know where you beacon is only one plot wide just thicken it up a bit. You don’t have to widen it you can add vertical plots.


Eresho: -1,054N -697E

I’m on PS4
I’ve plotted 2 high all around me. I have over 2,700 plots


All right I’m logging in in a few minutes, if nobody has started with you by then I’ll come over


Ok, Thank You


WOW, Thank You NightStar for you help.
ISSUE RESOLVED I shouted cus I’m excited that NightStar got it done.



This was my first thread on these forums:

So you can guess I’m always happy if I can solve this for someone. GL with your build!


Grats on getting fixed and well done nightstar for helping.

I’ve had problems off and on with settlement issues since early access, and while it is much easier to fix these days, it obviously still has issues.

I have a single beacon with over 8k plots and over 20 million prestige but if I do this:
(x=1 plot)

More than 1 plot sticking out, it breaks my whole settlement.

The plot system is a fundamental part of Boundless yet still has continuing problems.

!. The explanation of how plots work when combined is inadequate, and also confusing to some players.
2. The error message when a bridging problem occurs is poorly presented and offers no real insight into the issue. Shouldn’t have to shout for help on the forums to resolve an issue.
3. PS4 players are disadvantaged through not having the debug plot visualisation, though I believe work is in progress to bring a version into the ui.

Would be a shame for players, who don’t frequent the forums etc, to get frustrated with such issues, throw up their hands and just stop playing.


I’ve mentioned in the past aready a few times that it would be darn helpful if the message told you which settlements it’s trying to bridge. If you have a large settlement with many beacons it’s like finding a needle in a haystack!


Sometimes it isn’t actually trying to bridge to another settlement at all. You can get the problem if you have a line of single plots going out from one of your beacons to nowhere.