Bridges multiple settlements


what does this mean?
Since very long my land is part of “new cydonia” on sochaltinI but since the last update this is no longer the case.

What does this message mean? I did not change anything on my property. What should I show my land of 3 000 000 prestige point reintegrate by the “new cydonia” ??
My other plot are always part of new cydonia. and all my plot are align in new cydonia.

please help me I do not understand.

the message in settlements detail:
“This beacon bridges two or more separate settlements and cannot merge”


This generally means that there is a section of your beacon that doesn’t meet the plotting requirement for settlement status and it’s either between two areas that do (breaking your settlement) or touching another beacon which does have settlement status.

The most common fix is to use the beacon plot visualizer to find the section where a plot that connects the two beacons, or sections of the beacon, and add a plot or two so that the system is not trying to create a ‘road’ plot there.


if you give me the location i can have a look for you :slight_smile:


i’m at 683N -1634E on Sochaltin I
you could find me easy, take the city portal " new cydonia" at PS Hub Lamblis. and i’m here.


thx Nightstar for this informations.




OMG that’s great.

Hey did you get this fixed I’m not seeing any obvious trouble.

Great build I’m still LMAO

EDIT: seems we found the problem, @majorvex also on site to lend a hand :slight_smile:


Good to know #backs off


That sanctum has been there for an age


Yeah I remember mention of maybe more than one. But I came over the wall into it and was like “hmmm this looks familiar” then I got to looking around for a minute before it clicked.

When I realized what it was I had a great laugh about it.


Thanks all for you’re help, you solve my probleme and to have taught me elements of the game.

Boundless community is without limits.


you’re right, it’s old but i continue to extand my base under.


Looks great lol