Brief Downtime at 2pm


PSA: We’re going to be offline briefly at 2PM to roll out a small fix, but we shouldn’t be too long. We’ll let you all know when we’re back up!



cool! thanks for the heads up ^^


Guild switching and block changing fix :pray: :pray:


I have it on good authority that warp wraith and titans are coming.


Maybe XP for doing farming activities. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hoping it’s a fix to forging


all of the above?! :pleading_face:


I need my forge!!!:sob:


forging still works as intended, it’s just the display that scrambles you a bit inbetween rolls…
but yeah I bet it’s coming


@Orrian we NEED your forge!!! :sob:


Hey, GO AWAY @Orrian !


I will once the forge is fixed. I will be locked in the reactor for hours


Good i need a MAX DURA, MAX DMG and AOE 4 wayfarer totem. Let me know when to pick it up. oh and no quirks or defects.


Totems pssssh. I use hammer for everything


Ye so this is 2pm
… what time?


:joy::joy: you like expensive things


I have wayfarer totems i use to rez people. One use then chuck em



I am high maintenance like that @FireAngelDth . @Orrian are you saying you “cant” forge something that advanced? thought you were a master forger…


Psssh i have been stocking for days you will all see soon enough.


MAX DURA, MAX DMG and AOE 4 wayfarer totem No quirks and no defects. Challenge issued! Are you scared?