Brief Downtime at 2pm


8 mins time @Buugi :wink:


Yeah i think its 13:00 UTC…

But also, its in a moment. So hopefully it’s all over soon(ish)


I’ve had a totem once that was way better than that!


so you are accepting the challenge?


Haha, nope I can’t make those…

Will send you a pm with screenshot and you will understand why. Mm


We are back folks! See you all in there!


See you in 6 hours! Thank you


I wonder what was fixed


Might wanna do some checks, have gotten five connections lost in a row now :frowning:


Yep, me too!


It’s totally unplayable at the moment :frowning:


Umbris apocalypse :comet::fire:


And now getting endless loop of Character still Connected…


If you stand completely still and don’t do anything, it’s fine!

Was still for a few minutes, then moved and disconnected almost straight away.

Irony is, I just started back after a couple of days.


Well, now I can’t get in at all so there’s that…


Seeing websocket closed on Circa portal


Disconned every time I tried to collect a juicy-juicy force-respawned wild crop. Now character still connected loop.


5 times in a row, loot something and disconnected


Same, at least our oortlings arent getting exposed to all that warp radiation from sanctum jumping every couple of seconds; be grateful for the little things :hugs:


I got into the sanctum but the portal said “Game Server Offline”.