Brief Downtime at 2pm


Oops. :upside_down_face:



^he is happy cause he has a top hat.


i got official in-game maintenance warning so that’s planned whats happening now


Crash bug


Not just on Circa tho…


Maybe I broke the planet by jumping on the trampolines too much…? :thinking:


They already got my 6 times 1.1 bulbs from my harvesting! Tsk! Tsk!


Tier 8 planet is invisible Pfft Pfft Pfft


That’s an idea. Have a neutral or invisible block color, then when you mine it, it changes to a different color. Kinda like a surprise world


item looting works for me, items from before lost though. but oh well can live with it :smiley:


I’m back on circ… and oooh all those exo bulbs on the atlas!!! :heart_eyes:

oops, nope, my screen was dirty. Still dark as night on my hand-map


It’s back up! Sorry about the extended downtime we hit some issues during the update but everything should be working again now.


It fine.

We will only forgive you if 10 exos magically appear.


Thanks for fixing crop XP! :smiley:


Will there be a patch notes post/has any player compiled changes already?


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