Briefly returned

I’ve been playing since the Oort no-so-online days. Grey block textures, killing myself via grappling, and when oortstone was underground. The days of waiting for titans and crafted armor are over for me…

Looking at the pace of the game for my playstyle, its difficult for me to jump back into things. After playing the RNG game of where a planet would be spawned, with me having a clear picture that I wanted to make a mining hub off of one planet… I looked at what I was spending and realized. Where is the money going to? 8+ planets for what?

Fast forward to today: 6+ months with no updates and I only mine. Restarting a Coal/metal/gem farming system hub will cost another $319.68 usd (If the same 3 to 1 odds apply) and $79.92 /month upkeep. Considering the grind, wasted planets I never used, and no new content. I am doubting that returning will hold my attention…I realized…the value is just not there for me.

Is this style of game just loosing it’s touch? Boundless is its own beast, hopefully an alternative comes up down the line. After thousands of hours played…I just cannot find the drive to push myself anymore.


TBH I am not sure, I even wonder if the community is too burned out to be willing to support someone who produces the next cube voxel game that beats boundless and mindcraft while keeping its players informed and producing frequent patches and several full updates a year.

But again I even wonder if the community would support ankther building voxel game because of how people feel about boundless. Would be interesting to know for sure.

I started on PlayStation release I was happy with boundless the way it was as a game when I started, updates are nice but not necessary for me so ima gonna be Boundless Forever


Glad to see you back even if it might be limited.

I don’t think this style of game is losing it’s touch, but defining the style of game Boundless is has always been hard for me. Is it any different than Minecraft in the sense that it is an MMO? I mean while Minecraft is a different pay model, Minecraft still has the cost of running a server (if you want the MMO experience).

In the end though it all comes down to justifying the cost of your entertainment. If all you enjoy is mining I don’t know that I can personally justify $79.92/month, but if you told me you planned to open those planets up for mining for everyone … planned to build on each one for never year or two … well then sure I think I could justify that cost.

If you base the cost of paying for all of that on having to grind (I assume for Oort), testing out planets (without the ability to reset/refund I assume is the issue here), and no new content is it worth it… that really depends on you.

Personally, if I had $80/month to spend and I enjoy the game … I can easily justify the cost, but if you just mine … probably a better use for your funds.


Can only speak for myself on the value here, on owning a mining hub. I do enjoy using my worlds, and rolling them is addictive - I figure the $10 well spent if it gives me a few hours of distraction exploring, even if it ends up on a planet I don’t want. But by far the greatest appeal of it is helping the community, all the wonderful feedback I’ve gotten on it. :slight_smile: Some of the messages I’ve gotten about it have truly turned around some very bad days for me and made me smile.