Broken chunks on Lasaina and not regening naturally? (RESOLVED)

There are these flat area’s around this one region (in pic) on Lasaina. I know this because I’ve been here before about 3 months ago, there were no plots and never have been in the area since i last saw it but i thought it may have been mined out so i regened it and it un-regened and looks the same as when i first saw it, even some glacier blocks from the oortmas event still here.

All these areas have perfect cuts into the terrain and trees

That’s pretty weird

As you can see 2nd pic theres blocks on water so its not regenned fully.
Also if there was a house its gonna regen first then start regenning terrain

I misread that as broken chunks of lasagna.

I need to eat…


Omg hahah that’s literally exactly what I did too :rofl:


Yeah i know there is but it’s the fact it’s been like this for about 3 months now from when i last remember seeing it and having regened it before myself, looks exactly the same since and there’s never been a house there since I’ve seen it first as I’ve said in the post.

There are a bunch of these scattered around this one region and have never been plotted hell i found one with ice walls still in it now, I’ve gone ahead and regened the two seen up above again but i’ll leave these other three and see if they’ve regened naturally since i feel like some people don’t believe me even though I’ve read this being a problem before.

I’ve regenerated these areas.

Thank you @james.