Broken Pic-Upload-Button


When i´m uploading a Pic …

Uploaded with the upload Tool in the bar
All Pic´s i see at the Upload-Tool are 200x112
This is a Screen Shot i had toke ingame.

Windows told me the Pic have 2560x1440 and the other too.

Uploaded with Drag & Drop


With Drag & Drop i get the normaly size from the Forum.

I doesn´t want the full 2560x1440, the normaly Forum size is okey
is the broken Pic-Upload-Button in the bar a new feature of my Browser or the forum?

Maybe someone have the same?


Seems to be fine from here… what browser are you using?

Hmpf okey :thinking:

I use Avast Secure Browser. I think its basicly the same as Google Chrome.

Thy for answer & drop the thread in the right corner :slightly_smiling_face:

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