Okay, I don’t wanna be blasphemic or provoking - I just made an homage to one of the Oort characters.
And it contains bubbles. Through consideration of Oorts graphic style, I felt my inner conflict painting these letters here into the forum. I have been thinking wether I should post it or not and came to the conclusion - I am very bored and I would like to have some feedback. Actually, I like bubbles. And if one could ram into the giant mushroom here and the bubbles fall to the ground, roll around and one could pick them up, I would be very pleased. These were my positive thoughts about my drawing. Altoghether it’s just a hobby of mine and I’m not intending to steal anyone’s swag or deprive them of their motivation to become an artist themselves.
Godspeed and congrats ons the newest update!

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Why did the topic name have to be Bubble-Babble? Now all I’m thinking of is BubbleBobble the videogame.


Was a good game tho’ and nice music :smiley:
(Basically I had the urge to babble. And I really do wonder if bubbles would be blashpemic in a Voxel game.)

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