[Bug] Can not report PMs

Description: Can not Report any PM by anymeans. The “summit report” button is greyed out for any message.

Hi @ailes123 is this for the Forum or In-Game?

Its In-game.

are you able to take a screenshot please?

CC’ing @vdragon

Here is the report menu with the bug:

What system are you playing on?

Also, can you check if the other reporting options do not have the same issue too?

Im playing on PC.
I have checked other pms also but still yeild the same bugged result.
Only one case that I still can sumit report is report a pm message that appear on “all chat” channel, instead of switching to pm channel.

Does the option show up as green if you report it via Channel: All?

I just tested some more messages. With the same pm convesation with one pplayer, there is only one of many messages that can summit report, the rest are not for no reason.

Can you show recent screenshot examples where the option to submit a report is active and those against the ones where it is not active?

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