[BUG] Down with the Elite don't show what to kill in second step

In first step you have to kill elite:

  • Wildstok
  • Spitters
  • Cuttletrunks

In the second step you have to kill elite

  • Hoppers
  • ???
    Is the ??? Roadrunners? Or something else? It seems, I killed 8 of them, but I am sure I did not kill 8 ELITE Roadrunners.

@james Can you at least, while the visual bug is being fixed, write what to exactly do I need to kill? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report, Iโ€™ve logged this into our database and will find out what youโ€™re supposed to kill there.

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Have made the fix internally, should be ready in an upcoming patch. For now, the thing you need to do for that step is collect 10 Creature Trophies :crossed_swords:


Thanks for the info :slight_smile: