Bug: getting stuck on the SIDE of a wall

Well I was building and this bug appeard: If you have stairs and wall blocks like in the picture you get stuck on the first wall block:

you end up like this:

Thanks for letting us know. How did you get up that far up? I assume you had to warp to the capital to get unstuck?

I jumped. You jump 1.5 blocks and from the stair to the upper edge of the wall it’s exactly 1.5 blocks^^

Fortunately, I could just destroy the block that holds me back from falling (the lower plank block) and got out of there. I mean you could destroy anyblock and get out of there. You’re not stuck like glitched into the block. It’s more like you’re standing exactly on the edge of the wall.

I wasn’t able to reproduce this locally or on the live-servers… hmm

It’s not directional (not even sure that exists in Oort, at least in MC that was a thing^^) maybe I didn’t explain it good enough.
You have to jump from the stair step (Maybe it works the same with a slab) up at the wall. so you land between block and wall and then you get “stuck”. If you did that, I have no idea why I could do it^^

edit: just tried it again. Worked. But I logged out in that position and spawned on the top block as I logged in again^^

I tested this on Eisa (800,115,130)

So have you actually been able to get into that position without logging in and out?

So actually it is directional. works only east- and southwards. Sorry for that misinformation. (Thanks to tercel)

If you mean position on/at the wall, yes without logging in/out. If you mean on top of the whole thing, logging out in the position on the wall spawns you at the top when you log back in again.

Hehe, 'bout to post that myself. Team effort :shard:

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Reproduced :slight_smile: weird that it’s only in those directions…

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yes it really is. I think there was something similar in MC a long time ago but I can’t remember it at all.