Bug: Heal blocks behave weird and stairs of death

I just had two very weird bugs.

  1. I was building a stair and because the movement was to wonky and fast I creeped to place the stairs at a constant rate.
    After a while I just died. I couldn’t think of anything that made me take damage. So I continued building and watched my health closely. And then it happend. It sounded like I had fallen from somewhere while creeping up the stairs and about 1/3 of my health was gone.
    I couldn’t believe my eyes but I can’t reproduce it. I might come across it again because I have to build a lot of stairs so future information may be added^^

  2. After bug one happened I tried to heal myself with heal blocks. Then Bug number 2 appeared. My health got up for the amount of health a heal block replenishes but then it went back to how it was before. And that happend with every heal cyclus.
    But if you run around on several heal blocks they heal you as intended.

Just tested it again. It’s always the second healing that fails if it fails. The chance that the second healing heals me is about 10%^^

Could both be update bugs? My update and render number/ping (what is that called?) is red and is about 25-35ms.
edit: the render time is too high if the red colors are correct. The update should be alright. So it’s not that either.

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1/3 damage is more or less the damage of “Mr. Bacon” (the charging pig, akuna matata), probably it’s not (i suppose you would have seen him) but control, it’s possible that the darkness is hiding one of those moving piece of bacon :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know if it’s possible, but I’ve visited your building and it’s full of staircase work-in-progress… I have in my mind the image of a Pig stuked somewhere in the dark, hitting you as soon as he can reach you… invisible! ,…,

That was my first thought too^^ But the second time I immediately checked for pig presence but nothing.

Look INSIDE The stairs! It’s a trap! D:

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I’m not sure if that was ironic xD I mean it could be that it spawned there but the chances go to 0%^^

the healing block bug happened to me too just now. My health kept spazzing back and forth at 25%-40% of my bar. It was still glitching when I stepped in and out of the block the second time. resetting now to see if it’s still broken.

Edit: So it seems that you have to keep stepping out after one tick of healing, or else it’ll be stuck at that % of health until you move away from the block.

It’s just a jump to the left.

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Another bug: pointy corners
creeping into corners are very painful.

I think it’s the same thing that happened to you @KuroKuma

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Thanks for reporting the bugs, these have now been logged.

In regards to the healing blocks issue, if I understand it correctly, when you come into contact with the block the first time, it heals you as expected. And when you step away and touch it again for a second time, the healing block will not work?

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No, for me the most time it is like that: I step on it and it heals once correctly and after that it heals but returns to the state before the heal immediately. The health bar is jumping up and down for the amount the block heals at once.

When you step away and touch it again it heals you once more but then bugs out again.

Sometimes it doesn’t even heal the first time.

And I had it once that it bugged out for 10 seconds or so, then healed correctly 2-3 times and bugged out again.

It’s really weird to say the least^^

I have to keep moving on the block for the effects to work. If I stand still then my health will stay the same amount as it was the first time the block healed me. Holding down shift while standing on the healing block works perfectly to counter the bug though.

Just tested creeping. It heals correctly although the health meter goes up, down and up again and stays there^^ still buggy^^

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I’ve experienced this too, healing block heal first time only, the second (3th, 4th, etc…) time it gives you only temporary hp. If i constantly move it heals normally

Realizing that too. For it to heal you to full health, step on it till health bar increases, then step away, then go back. Repeat the process and you will reach full health :smiley: