(bug?) Line above stars in the sky

This is in the sanctum, looking up, you can see a solid horizontal line above each of the stars that fade in and out.

I have noticed it Inn other places, but this is the most obvious:

I’ll see if I can get a better picture of it, or in a different area.

You an see a bigger one here to the top right.

Mines like that too, I wondered if it was intentional because it’s almost every star on mine

i dont have it - entered sanctum from Gyosha

so its not a common bug - im on PC

On ps4 here

isnt a bug. just the gleambow sanctum particle effect. Seen it many times when exploring the beautiful sanctum.

It’s their health bars. You have to blow them up.


its a bug that shows up on ps4, but doesnt show up on windows (dont know about mac), its fixed locally already but not released as rather minor.


Next update;
-Planet health bars re-hidden