Bug: Random fall damage

It seems you have a chance to take random fall damage when running and jumping at the same time. Usually the damage seems to be equal to falling about 10-15 blocks, even when just jumping on flat terrain. This effect is more noticeable when running and jumping on elevated platforms, and seems to occur more often when the game is busy loading in chunks. I was able to replicate this at all graphical settings, so it seems to be a server side issue with predicting the players position. Playing on Sedatars with 140ms ping time or Tawas with 225ms ping had about the same results.

I hadn’t narrowed it down to that–but I had noticed that my health would drop suddenly when I knew I wasn’t falling.

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same thing here!

yes even more so when using your grappling hook along the ground to cover more area quick, you die really fast if you are not careful :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the report - we’ll need to investigate it.

Are you sure it’s not because your hitting a block? If you use your grappling hook for instance and smash into a block you take damage.

I’ve tested it with GH as well, I only noticed damage when hitting slopes or obstacles. But when only sprinting and jumping on platforms, it tends to hit as hard as falling 10-15 blocks.