Bug? Region on Antar VI has symbols in name


Coordinates where I discovered the region are 114N 530E Alt: 69

Region Name: D?lil?r Planitia

The question marks are in the region name.


I’ve been meaning to report this too. I’m based in that area and it’s been bugging me a little more than it should each time I look at the top of the screen lol. Thanks, Ruben! :slight_smile:


I think was outside your shop when I ran into it, i don’t remember, though.


R3DF1R3 takes up a pretty decent chunk of the region so there’s a good chance that you were, or not far from it anyway.


Do you have a screenshot of this and does the text issue also appear on your Worlds / Locations list?


Here you go… And yep, it appears the very same on the Locations tab.


Thanks, I’ve added the screenshot to the database. Looks like it appears on both the Locations tab and at the top of the screen too.