Bug Report - Mac OSX Crash

FYI: getting a lot of crashes (OO crahes and goes away) on my Mac OSX box while exploring Kovah after update 113. Here’s the Gist:

Here’s the OO app log Git]st:

We will look into this. Thanks for the Gist.
@vdragon , please reproduce this bug. @michaelb

My initial guess is that the app has run out of memory. The OSX build is still 32bit, we have a 64bit variation coming.

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I’ve been getting bugs and random crashes ever since installing the latest MAC OS el Capitan. If i get anymore i’ll post the logs.

We upgraded our Mac to MacOS El Capitan for testing but the game has yet to crash. What were you doing when the game crashed? If you every find out the reproduction steps, please let us know. Thanks

I had just died (Losing all my stuff annoyingly) and respawned at home, I loaded my inventory and the game froze and I had to force quit, it was stuck on the inventory screen. I got another crash after teleporting to the capital in gnortem.

Other crashes happened whilst roaming the world so nothing specific. I’ll post logs if I encounter anymore.

We will check this out. Thanks for this info.

I was roaming Kovah, not doing anything specific. I’ve since upgraded to El Capitan and I will test further and drop some crash logs here if it happens again. Thanks!

So far much more stable on El Capitan. Will monitor and send crash dumps if it happens again.

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Crashed a few times tonight just exploring worlds… Gist of Mac OS X crash report and OO log below…