Bug reports and some suggestions

I found this game while seaching for a minecraft alternative. 1 day later i bought the wayfarer package to support developpement. This game has SO MUCH POTENTIAL i am very excited to see what will be released next! So i decided to make a quick review of my experience so far.

1: Website, forums and accounts.

I like the forums and the website, its clean and easy to use. Also your “just keep scrolling down” concept is very nice. The only remark i have is to add a “bug report” section on the forum and make a known bugs list, or people will keep reporting the same bugs over and over.

In the package selection it said i could “reserve your ign”, however i had to make a second account because i did not know the account name on this page is also your ign. I dont know what you plan to do whith it in the future, but i think there must be a way to change or at least give people the opportunity to choose a ign. Or remove the reserve name from the package, it kinda confuses me.

2: The game

The launcher looks clean also easy to use, however i only saw the “main menu” once because if i connect i automatically go to the world i was in. This is good, but there is a big bug that prevents me from changing worlds so its kinda annoying atm and makes testing pretty hard xD

Heres a list of bugs and some pictures to clarify:

  • The texture of breaking blocks doesnt match the “organic deformation” of the block, so its half inside the block or floating above it. Whith angled blocks it shows the texture of breaking a full block, as you see on the pictures below.

As you see its half inside the block.

Im breaking air, sweet.

  • On my journey through the worlds i suddenly came across GINORMOUS world holes. Makes exploring a pain.

Im sorry for the darkness, and you can see on the minimap how big it is :open_mouth:

  • Solved: pressing I gives infinite block mode.

  • Switching worlds is IMPOSSIBLE and very frustrating… I cant choose the world when starting the game because it automatically connects to the world i was in when i left. However if i try to connect to another world it just keeps “connecting…” and when i cancel and try to connect again it crashes every single time. In other words im stuck in this world…

Than some suggestions:

  • The game looks awesome, very pretty voxels ^^. There is 1 thing that bothers me doh, and thats the distance blur. If i look to an object that is close it blurs out objects in the distance, if i look to an object far away it sharpens the image. I absolutely hate it, it litterally hurts my eyes. On top of that it has no use and doesnt make the game look better at all! Maybe some people like it but could you PLEASE make a option to turn it off :frowning: And if there already is one could you tell me how i disable it?

  • You should definitely add some “crafting blocks” like workbenches or even forges to smelt iron and poor it in casts to make tool parts. Kinda like minecraft and the tinkers construct mod… Also make different tiers of forges to smelt more valuable metals, and reach higher temperatures. The crafting recipes arent shaped but thats fine i like it that way. However making crafting a bit harder is a must i think.

  • Idk how you can do this but make sure that legendary weapos are VERY difficult to make. It would be stupid that you can make one after 5 hours of playing time.

  • You should DEFINITELY introduce some magic system like the thaumcraft mod for minecraft. Maybe even connect it whith the crafting “tree” so you actually need to do some magic to craft some stuff. Whith healing wands or dmg wands to make raiding much cooler. Also brewing and potions and food effects (bufs for a few minutes) should be introduced to the game, also for raiding. And armor should play a big role in what kind of player you are, a miner (whith mining speed enchantments on by exemple medium armor, light whith euuuuh mana or magica or flux enchantements to power wands or spells. And of course heavy armor whith heath. Of course only certain types of armor can hold certain enchantements.

  • DUNGEONS DUNGEONS DUNGEONS!!! Its a must a game about huge craeatures and an extended array of cool weapuns MUST have dungeons. They should “reset” after a while since you use public worlds, unlike minecraft. They should be protected by a beacon to make sure people can not modify it. Bosses, mobs, loot thats up to you. Different types of dungeons should be spread out over the world, kinda like (again) villages in minecraft. Also the protectors should be bosses in these dungeons, it would be lame if they just wander around in the world waiting to be killed and drop the loot, NO make it epic PLEASE.

So in a nutshell:

  • bugs: Block breaking texture, world swithing and world holes.
  • Suggestions: Bad ass crafting system whith forges and workbenches armor enchantements (this is where the magic comes in) , DUNGEONS whith titans as bosses, magic system, potions and food effects.

Maybe some of my suggestions could be good idea for mods however if u use public servers i think modding is going to be a bit useless unless you implement it in the game…

Pressing “i” gives you infinite blocks. This is likely to be disabled at some point in development.

Regarding the world holes, were they actually holes that you would fall into or just that the world wasn’t displayed? If it’s the former then you may have come to the edge of the world. If it’s the latter, it does happen every now and then typically when there’s a lot of latency.

So i did press a magic key :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh and yes it were phisical holes whith on the bottom a layer of dirt and water beneath it

This is called “Depth of Field” and can be disabled in the options.

Switching worlds

Pressing ‘p’ should bring up the list of worlds to teleport to – you’re saying it’s giving you trouble connecting to any of them?

infinite blocks

This is an established “creative mode” type feature, and is very helpful for us builders during the alpha. :slight_smile:

crafting benches, legendary weapons, magic systems, dungeons

Most of these have threads going, and we’ve had some awesome brainstorms – use the handy forum search to find these topics and add your ideas too!!

And a huge welcome to Oort!!

Thanks for the explenation and i can select worlds, thats not the problem its just that it keeps loading infinitly, i click cancel and it brings me to the world list, i try to connect again and it crashes.

Thanks for the explenation and i can select worlds, thats not the problem its just that it keeps loading infinitly, i click cancel and it brings me to the world list, i try to connect again and it crashes.

Weird. Maybe @james can help.