Bug: Shop Stand prices not adjustable

Trying to update some shop stand prices. Whenever I enter the updated price it defaults back to the original price. This is not happening on all stands. There was a similar bug a while back where prices set more than a certain time frame ago would bug out in a similar fashion.

Obviously a work around is to remove all items from the stand and then re-price, rather annoying though if stands have 16 smart stacks of items in them to remove and replace each time you need to tweak a price.

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What’s the setup of the affected Shop Stands like compared to the ones that are working fine so far?

To be honest, nearly every stand is doing it at Sydney City Market on Lasaina. There was only one which wasn’t affected, can’t recall which one it was though.

Edit. Paint stall is newish, that works fine

I’ve not been able to reproduce this with a shop stand setup that I’ve created. Would you be able to submit a game log just after witnessing this in game once more so that the information is recorded? Thanks.

Also, if you’re able to provide a video (or a series of screenshots) showing this in action, that would be great too.

Take TNT to Lasaina and you are there. It’s all @econodog’s
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I had this problem but if you remove the price completely and click enter and then resubmit the price it works - I can provide a video if you still need it @vdragon


I haven’t reproduced it with the steps you gave, so a video would be great.

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I’ll load up now and throw it on YouTube shortly, I’ll post the link in here in approx 10mins

Video as requested @vdragon

Didn’t notice this thread til now but ran into this one time the other day - did the same thing, cleared the stand then redid. If needed, will submit video too if it happens again. Thanks!

What was on your shop stands just I tried other stands but I had no problems

Coal /ten characters

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Found a shop stand still doing it
-1530N -1127E Alt 73
It’s candy canes

I had this problem last night with my pie stand it’s been there for a while. Not sure how to report on PS4 though.

Just had it happen, with coal again - though that is the only thing I’ve been making price adjustments to. On PC now and unlike PS4 don’t know how to record a clip, so submitted a game log for this one.

I have a shop doing the same thing :frowning:

If on Windows 10, can try the Windows key + G to bring up the game bar. I know it works on my 3 Win 10 PCs but not sure if it is available on all.


Also there is alt+win+r to start recording


Great, thanks!! :smiley:

Remove price completely, then re-enter seems to work when I encountered it