[BUG] Testing 224 - Forge effects not present on tooltip of tools

This tool was forged with the new venerable liquid-breaker boon and AoE level 4, as well as a third boon, I think hard-hitter. None of these are displayed in the tool’s tooltip in the queue, where they normally would be.

Edit: Here’s another case with the new solidify boon on a totem:


Update: Once the items have finished, the tooltips do show correctly:

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And I was just getting ready to make a topic for the bug. :yum:

Thanks for finding this. I’ll have a look at it tomorrow!

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@dave Did you find anything on this one? First the tooltip for the forge effects wasn’t showing correctly for this one, and now not at all. This is ~5 minutes after the item starts cooking. No venerables were added*

The original issue should be fixed, unless you’re seeing it again with certain tools and forge effects.

Also, the screenshot here is a different issue. What tool were you trying to forge here? As I’m not seeing this in game so far.

This one was 2 hammers in a smart stack with 3 normal boons and 1 crit defect I believe. I can confirm in a few hours and update if needed

If you can confirm that, then I can try and replicate the issue.

They finished with the correct boons on them. No defects on them actually, just forged as a stack of 2 Diamond Hammers


How many times did the issue with the blank text appear in the Centraforge queue for you?

This was the only time I noticed. When I first checked the tooltip in the queue, it was saying that the affect adjacent was rank 1 for “below” and had a -damage effect on it as if the devastating damage boon had not been rolled. Maybe there’s just some lag in updating the tool state in queue. After I ignored it for a bit and went back, the queue tooltip was blank as shown