Bug: the eternal last second on a fast brew


I was just getting back from some gem mining, and I think this happened when I was going through a portal just as the fast brew was running out. I now have 1 sec of fast brew remaining…and have for several min. I tested out that I still have all the benefits, fast moving speed and action speed without having to rebuff.

Not sure if this something likely to happen again, but I can see this being exploitable. I tested to see if going through more portals would drop it but so far still have it. I imagine logging out will remove it?


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Sadly, it also cause some bad rubberbanding (which I don’t normally get on my setup) and it went away when I died to a cuttletrunk.


I am totally gonna try and replicate this now :grinning:


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Sounds like a client-server de-sync in that case, the server correctly assumed you didn’t have the buff and thus kept correcting your position based on your real speed.

Something similar happened to me on a hunt once, I was being bombarded with the Slow inducing homing attacks by multiple Cuttletrunks. Something must have gone really wrong at that point, because despite the debuff running out, my movement stayed derpy.

Had to restart the game to fix it.


I’ve not been able to reproduce this. How many times did it happen and what kind of Fast Brew did you use?


This happened to me with a improved healing brew. Got stuck on. It continued to heal me but than the health healed would disappear. I submitted a log for it when it was happening @vdragon


Did you send it around the time of this post?


I sent it in some where around 4hr 30min ago @vdragon

Edit: err maybe 3hrs ago. I kinda lose track of time playing boundless


improved Fast Brew, sorry I didn’t submit a report, forgot that was a thing actually. I will see if it happens again and I will submit it then.