Build contest at Legendville Mall, 1 million in prizes

In addition to the ongoing 20k for opening new shops, I’m hosting a build contest at Legendville Mall! Both new and old shops are eligible to participate (but if you have an older shop you may want to renovate)

Prizes: 500k first place, 300k second place, 200k third place. Judging will begin mid November. Criteria include creativity, chiselwork and general wow factor.

Rules: Max 2x6 plots, and you have to sell at least a few items (it has to be a “shop” aka buying and or selling items). Please build in DK’s Legendville Mall, the forest one (separate from iLegend’s Legend Guild Mall, the marble mall)

How to get here (portals):
DK’s Ultima Mall Finata
DK’s Ultima Tree Eresho
Gyosha Mall (old hub)
Organized Mall
DSK Mall
TNT (I’m the Tana portal)
Down by the shore with Pauly
Enjoy Divinity
PS Biitula
Kindred Bay
HSE Tardis Hub
Risty’s thrifty outlet at Gmall
Aquatopia lodge resort
Fantasy tree
Awesomeville Shop and Portals
Fireborn Nomads
Naughty Mall
Reapers Tower of Power

Or any portal to Legendville City and then run 3 blocks east to the mall


let the newest update hit live first maybe to allow people more creativity and ideas?

Oooo I think my stores are to big. But I think I’m about due for an overhaul. :thinking:

I’m happy the way mine is it pretty

Who is our audience? Who is doing the judging?

I like the idea of volunteer judges but last two contests ended up being me judging. I like a variety of shops though. Off the top of my head - NepCo’s gleam pillars (C1) to HSE market and munchkin country store’s nature feel (A20ish) to Dirty Dwarves (a70ish) to Engine Room’s steampunk (A78?) to Baked’s skull (B40?) to AoE and Me’s marble (C32) to Birds of a Feather (A25?) to 3d art like fistibucks or precise touch (b20)

New blocks should be out in a week or two, which is why I’m setting judging for November - so people should have about a full month to build with the new stuff. You’re welcome to use new stuff, or stick with old blocks.