Build Idea, question about how the voxel and builders work

So im kind of concidering building the DS3 Firelink Shrine as lately ive been playing the hell out of Dark Souls 3, again.

So im curious are there any advanced techniques for modifying voxels or is it purely simple shapes?


Chisels will be useful. My previous attempt at FLS was foiled by a world reset but you shouldn’t run into too many obstacles besides the number of plots involved. Some terraforming will be required too, depending on how faithful you want to stay to the game

as faithful as boundless allows. Im not going to make the path to the untended graves though. It may be easier to do Post Champion Gundyr FLS considering it blocks off a lot of the interior.

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Or pre Soul of Cinder. I forget which one blocked more off.

This old thread covers what you can do with the various chisels:

Dem Chisels Tho