Builders Paradise


Coming soon to an Oortian near you?

Does that mean… that stairs will be turnable too?..

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AND STAIRS??? :scream:

And bacooon!

Stairs are already in the game.

You’ll be able to make a lot more detailed buildings in OO than in minecraft, with slopes and wall blocks =D

The question was about turnable stairs, as in placed upside down. Do you really think I didn’t know there are already stairs, slopes and slabs in the game? :slight_smile: You’re funny.

How would I know what you mean :stuck_out_tongue:
But yeah, upside stairs would be pretty damn cool.

Well, I don’t know, you could read my original message?

Well im sorry!!

to be fair. i also read that as turnable in the x-axis, which they already are depending on where you stand. so i was confused too xD

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When the update is delayed.

######Upside down stairs also?


Remind me, can you stack two different walls together? For double-sided walls? Or do they just turn into the same type and become one block?

I have a feeling that would be impossible, but it woul be uber cool.

i think its basically just slabs placed upside down, so it would just work like stacking slabs on top of eachother. which looks like this

They look like they are just one block but you can see on the outline that they are 2 blocks, here is without the outline.

so my answer? both XD

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So long as they don’t both occupy one blocks space, you should be fine. That’s how half slabs currently work.