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I was looking through the forums and noticed that there are a lot of forum topics and posts with different ideas and projects people are working on. Which is awesome! But I did notice a few people say they are struggling or just not good at building/coming up with ideas.

With that said, I thought it would be nice if we had an active thread that people would post blueprints (layouts) and ideas for builds. Basic to Complex - on how to build certain things using media such as Youtube, Excel, Screencaps, Text.

For example when you look at Dark’s lecture hall on Ruchs, It would be cool if there was layout of sorts people could see how he made it. A person than could modify it and make it within their own world to match their ambitions. This idea is very prevalent in other building games and would help our community out as buildings is really the only thing we have at the moment.

I see this topic has been found in the graveyard of treads. Clearly we are not one to share our work

I´m actually too busy in building and helping in game that I don´t have time for forum posts anymore, but I know that Zouls is here with equal/greater online experience so there is no actual need for me in first place. I apologize that I let that topic die, but reason for that is mentioned above.

If you want to share and think ideas in game I can join but currently I cannot join to any new projects. Yesterday I was 8 hours in Oort and only managed to be in 2 worlds working and that 8 hours is current limit that I can spend online so sorry that I cant join your design team and be posting blueprints and such.

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i would help but building is something i can’t explain, for me it comes naturally and i build things as i go all i remember is use multiple blocks and variations and try not use use the same block also add depth into your build there is nothing worse than a flat walled build, also try o build medeival fantasy not futuristic.

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I am also an impulsive builder, I never know how things will look in the end but I do make myself follow a certain structure.

  • Colour choices are determined at the start. So I gather all material I think I need and make a little area where I display them
  • I make a skeleton build mostly with wood to outline how the general shape will be.
  • add basic layer first all over. For example with a house the whole first floor
  • start detailing by adding layers to create depth

Some advice would be not think too small, the bigger you go the more detail you can add. You can see this on the 3D models Exsu is showing

Good luck with building and if I can find someone to record I wouldn’t mine do showcase builds of wall roofs etc

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