Building Floors


How do you go about building large floors in the sky? Looking for suggestions on the most efficient way.

Thank you.


Use the creep toggle (found in settings under control tab) to prevent falling off of non-chiseled blocks. Turn around and move to the edge of the block. Aim for the back of the block and hold the place block button while moving backwards


Grid out the size of your floor based on your max block reach range. Use that creep tactic to build the grid, then go back and fill in the gaps while standing on your grid


With my setup, requiring 8 Dexterity, 4 Agility and 5 on the All Attribute bonus and with 0 block placement repeat delay, I can place blocks while going at normal speed without creeping and aiming directly below, but a friend of mine tried it and was unable to get it to work… :man_shrugging:

It certainly works for me and is how I’ve been building my big grid platform area on Kol.


With the proper setup and correct aim you can walk forward and do it. Can also run. Tho I don’t remember what my skill set up was when I was doing it that way.


Plot straight lines 8 spaces apart then with full dexterty you should be able to fill in block 8 spaces away. Thats how I built 160 plot area in the sky


Also helps to have a decent pair of grapples to catch the ground with if you happen to fall!


I build my perimeter 2 blocks wide. Then fill it in.