Building in February! Share your build and goals!

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I see… :grinning::sunglasses:
You actually keep the gleam raw.


Omg that’s pretty


Yea I don’t care for refined as long it keeps light


True that one might argue which looks better: raw or refined. Many find raw nicer.

However, if you don’t care which form of gleam you use, you could go for refined for a simple reason it means more blocks for you. 36 raw gives you 50 refined. 900 raw gleam you bought would give you 1250 blocks of refined gleam.


Oh ok I might idk it’s just me building this and I want this up and running


Finishing remodeling and colouring my base.

Also doing viking style house to near Ancient Gate.


@kogablue Yay! A new build is so exciting!!

@Bones Oooo that is cool, I like the ramp that goes all the way up! So cool!


Thanks, here is a better view of the area


Have came a ways, Roughly a week worth of work, and countless bricks.

Now comes the fun, time to move 16x19 plots of lava. For basement.


awesome shapes and feel there @Unciviled

what world is it based on?


Its on Till, in Metillica HQ town


Working on a spirited away inspired (and other peeps take on it) little build…still a w.i.p. but getting there

edit: also finished my bay doors on my rocket build…just gotta build rocket now…:thinking:


Fun inspiration~! Can’t wait to see more :smiley:


Still potter about my base… Realize it will not be finished this year either…


Where is this build? Looks lovely and would love to come visit, even if not finished!


Ps Circarpous hub, basement personal portals. Next to Falu.


Finish bases on Galan and Norkyna.
For now only beacons and some storage blocks with materials placed.

Half of the February colonization is done - I shared Muliarakrib base screenshots somewhere else.
Here you can take a look at WIP (70-80% done): Houchus white gleam farm. Working on roof and plugging holes to make it mob-proof.


Getting guilds in the guild sanctum
Building guild base for arte intera crew
Finishing rebuild embassy hub
Starting up embassy hub exclusive mall with new system(each shop is a one player faction)
Add love stuff to hub
Getting a crew for the hunting building
And plans for next month :sunglasses:


I finally have time to play again! I am hoping to finish the base of my floating island on Kada I and finish up the starting features on my build near the Exodus before adding the lower shell.


I’ll be continuing to build the Exodus…