Building in February! Share your build and goals!

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dude, this is sick. Where is it located? I wana come look around later


It’s on Seginiakai - there’s a discreet portal to it from the PS hub


Just realised I made 4 teapots as my rockets side boosters.
Also I have no design for main rocket body…just gonna wing it :slight_smile:


It is looking mighty fine. Next time I make run I am sure to come visit!


That moment when you see a post below your pic and think “yeah, somone appreciates all my hard work and creative genius” then see it’s a reply to someone else :rofl:
I kid ofc but there is always that slightest twinge of disappointment :sunglasses:


I think I saw your work the other day but I had been to soooooo many places I can’t remember exactly where it was. When you are finished give me a shout and I’ll be in awwww for all your hard work

:oort_s::oort_t::oort_a::oort_y: :boundless:


Was just an quick, wine-induced, observation of human nature (or of my nature anyhow :slight_smile: )
I’m quite content building for my own pleasure and my ego was hardened many ago from being an art student


@catfud I’m in absolute awe! More pics, in fact just keep on posting, much as you care to do so!! :clap: raw talent right there


@Stretchious holy holy holy wow, ok I quit now LOL I am humbled


I visited your base other night was exploring thru your shop in Duskmoor😂
Then back thru your PS portal home was happy to see that Tagris portal & BTW would love to see it in our Galaxy too. hehe.

I absolutly enjoyed seeing Elwyn, loved how you used the new wicker was beautiful, your creativity & your builds show the love you have for Boundless & Elwyn.

This is a great idea I always enjoy seeing Boundless creativity & I’m gonna be adding our newest Duskmoor Galaxy build which was a community build as many participated including myself. Soon as I’m ingame gonna get some ss, was our newest labor of love & finishing touches will be added over weekend.

Yabo & Good travels & building🤗


Wow awesome build, cant wait to see it completed, pls update when its ready for views?
Good travels & building🤗


Awesome! I definitely will come see as pictures dont always do justice. Love arena builds.
Good travels & building🤗


We just finished our oort-hockey stadium in Sasquatchville, Alder

Feel free to visit, we put over 200 chairs for spectators!


Love love love this!




Wish there was a puck we could push around :sweat_smile:


Grapple a dead animal? kinda weird but could somehow create a net/poles to drag through


The worldbuilder has a grid layout of the colours ordering based on a travelling salesman approximate solution (based on ciede color distance) starting from black. Not to say it’s ‘ideal’ but it’s relatively pleasing visually.


Thank you! I’d had enough failures that I was dragging my feet on trying graph theory. Knowing there’s solutions in that area though is a good jolt of enthusiasm!


Really nice design. I like how you have took good amount of space for this