Building in February! Share your build and goals!

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I saw this because Amandapan & Zycra from Kada took me on an adventure to see this & boy I was so happy & lucky they took the time they did as it is awe inspiring,
I actually got lost exploring it because I didnt wanna leave was really chking all out
Lol :grin:
The designs I discovered there were beautiful. A must see.for all.
Great build, Good travels & building Stretchious.


Always finding ways to improve the Ark’n’Art’s Company Workshop:


I have now finished lutrion and am working on lasiana
You can get there from lutrion ps city portal
Named Nixian Trust Hub
Or ashenvale also named the same


The portal at ps hub is closed.


Your storage for plants etc is terrible. So small hehe. I got like 10pieces of 3x3 hehe :smiley:


It seems our portal keeper has gone awol without giving us access to refuel it :laughing:

I’ve opened up a new one next door :wink:


I prefer terms like “compact” or “efficient”… :slight_smile: Keeps me from hoarding, and everything is close to my machines.


Coming to a creepy town near you. My pet cuttletrunk.


Well thats true! Im more of a collector myself so.
Plus my place looks like a rats nest :smile:


Awesome titan ship :blush:


Art student, that INDEED does harden ones precious ego does it not! Got a laugh from that remark as it sent me straight back to class and the French professor that put the final touches on my now stone crafted ego Cheers!


Im building my humble tree house thingy at aqua. Lots of circles haha


I was just looking on and their section of treehouses. Made me think I might need one myself, good inspiration 9n that site. Love to see photos when you feel comfy sharing