Building just for footfall!

Imagine if they got rid of footfall and make people earn coins the right way instead of people using it as exploit cause it’s annoying to see building empty as heck with fancy blocks but nothing else this is giving people the message just throw up a bought of fancy and high end blocks and set back and let the footfall come in!

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Well people still have to walk over the plots to gen ff for it. Just like “useful” places. Any shop I see that I feel has too high of prices I never step foot in again so they never get ff from me. The people who forced merged me back near launch never get ff from me cause I check every store owner before I step in. Also stay away from their main town. Some people build underground so you may not see their actual stuff. There’s plenty of places in finata that I never walk thru because they have nothing for me. So just because they have a bunch of high prestige blocks doesn’t mean they are actually getting a lot of footfall. Plus all you need is 10k so it might not even be high prestige blocks.

Also how is it an exploit? The system is built on generating ff for people passing thru your plots. only the first plot a person passes thru will generate ff per settlement. You’d have to use alts for multiple places in a town to gen ff. And even then it’s still the design of the system.

I own a mall, and my Hub is 5 different alt beacons to help generate FF. And i still dont have this money pouring in. :expressionless:

These type posts confuse me.

Are you mad or jealous that we get some footfall? Or want pointers?


I would like to know how you feel people should earn coin. I personally think this game shouldn’t have foot fall but it’s already in the game so dnt see it going anywhere anytime soon. I suggest after finishing a meteor it will give coin scaled on the level of meteor and split between everyone who completes the meteor.

That would make people not want to hunt in big groups if it were from metetors

If they were just after coin most of the time people want the oort

what about the people that build nice and usefull stuff to get footfall as a income?

And if it’s scaled correctly it would equal the same pay out since solo player won’t trip a t6 meator but a large group would. Higher tier would pay more then lower tier.

Footfall isnt the problem. Builders need income.
The fact there is no other income is the problem.
And people just bash FF because they get none.


its an art to make footfall takes lot off thinking
but i agree on leechers they baddd

I get plenty of foot fall and I still bash it

dunno what that means lol explain to the dutch guy :nerd_face:

With no footfall, you wouldnt have as many mall options or market places in game. and if you get rid of FF why would anyone just make are? there would be 0 income in a sandbox game for someone that just wants to build. Wouldnt make sense. We just need more types of income.

coin from metoers for hunters. better economy for shop keepers. miners = shop keeper baskets. same as gatherers. just not enough way to generate.


Yea I don’t hunt anymore. I got tired of the lag. But I always seemed to be in those 25+ groups. And those are the groups I’m referring to when saying big groups. Not 10 people groups.

ok ok aha aha so what does bashing means?
EDIT also still in doubt on the FF
ow and whats DM hahaha educate me please
FF solved im dumb lol

I still dnt see the problem we wouldn’t want something that is going to line the pockets of players. Just add more coin income. I wouldn’t want people to gain an insane amount of coin for finishing a meteor unless they were soloing a t6 drop on a t6 planet and that isn’t very likely.
If each low level meteor gave around 100 coins that would be a nice sum of change. If a group of 10 people did a high tier meteor then the payout would be bigger. If a large group of 25 or more people did a high level meteor then the meteor would be vastly easier and the pay will reflect that because it would be spread amongst a bunch of people. But you also get the drops and the oort which is what large groups would tend to be after anyways.

Bash it means hate on it dislike it not care for it along those lines.

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100 coins a nice sum of change? Where do you buy things at? I need to shop there.


On average a person can do 10 meteors an hour so 100 x 10 gives you a profit of 1k an hour so yea I believe 100 coins is a nice amount

Yea maybe 10 an hour on a t3(maybe even t4) but not on t5 or t6. And I still definitely would not feel it was worth my time for that little bit. Wouldn’t even get my bow paid off with that.

But I’m done with this conversation cause it’s just going to be like every other one that’s taken place on this topic. It’s like beating a dead horse