Building on a Planet

I was unsure where to post this so I am putting this here with the Creations tag.

I am really excited about building on a homeworld as I have only built on a sovereign minus a temporary base. I wanted to see if anyone might be interested in joining me. If you haven’t played in a while this could be a chance to start over or do something new.

I have not chosen a planet, but I am open to suggestions and ideas.

was bouncing around on Antar VI couple of days ago which is a lovely looking world (subjective ofc) and well worth a look.
Seemed to be plenty of spare room, with the only real downside being that Apt has some rather lovely builds there (via the TNT megahub Antar VI portal) which may prove intimidating (this might just be me…I was going to build a tower etc build on Biitula then Apt built a gorgeous construction nearby so I dug a hole instead :sweat_smile:)


I add To that and say… Dont build near apt… Just General advice as he has a lot of land covered… You could soon end up seeing the Side effect “ok i cant expand there Or there”.
Nothing against apt.

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I am sure I can find a nice under-developed world somewhere at this point. I was just hoping to inspire some people to want to start anew or have someone to build by/with since so much has changed.

You know i have seek a spot For a project ever since the launch… It Has taken a While… Good luck For finding good spot… Hope you have better luck than me

You can build near me Dough I have plenty of land covered to build lol

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If your quick AntarVI via ps :wink: that lake was mine 1,5y ago

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We don’t mind neighbours on trior! It’s beauty planet :slight_smile:

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Come to think of it last time i checked the hub didn’t move… :joy::rofl::joy: if it did in the past 1-2 months its my bad :wink:

Edit just checked nope still there :wink:

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