Building on creatures

So my Idea here is that you can put building saddles on various creatures that would allow you to place blocks on them. with smaller creatures, such as those pig-like ones, you would only be able to place one block; probably either a chair for riding or a chest so it can carry stuff for you. on bigger beasts, however, (perhaps something like the Reek from Star Wars: attack of the clones) there might be eight to twelve slots. enough for you to build your own little traveling base. there would need to be a limit to how much blocks you could stack on top of each other, but other than that, you could build anything on top of it! (eg. a cannon) you might even be able to build a house or a town on top of a titan.

so here’s a scenario: there’s this turtle-like creature that’s big enough to build a house on top of, but it’s not tame, and will attack you whenever you come near. so, you jump on top of it from a tree and use a grapple to keep from falling off. while you’re on it, you place a building harness and then put blocks in the slots to make walls that keep you from falling off.once the creature calms down, you might learn to control it, or just let it wander on it’s own. you could place a spawn point, a seat, and a chest on top of it, and place a ladder to make your place more accesible from the side.

A base attached to a creature could be useful, because other players could bring you along on a quest when you’re not even logged in as long as your last logged in position was on that creature.



Definitely an idea that’s not been submitted before. Idk about EVERY creature, but definitely larger beasts! I feel like they would have to change a great deal about how creatures are rendered in game, and moving blocks smoothly in a voxel game is often something of a challenge.

and if the devs are reading this, I have a good Idea on how it can be done. (if you’re making the game the way I think you’re doing it) if you already figured it out, ignore me.

mmkay, so you got your creature object with a bunch of variables stored in it. you take the format for compiling terrain chunks and you just spit it onto the creature in the form of an array variable. for the smaller creatures you actually only need 2 variables: one for which block and another array for setting block data (like what’s inside a chest) then you just need a loop to generate each individual block wherever it needs to appear.

so yeah. I like the Idea and I want to see it happen. it would make a lot of people who are wanting buildable vehicles happy.

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That sounds wrong, but I don’t know enough about programing to dispute that…

I dont think you’d have to change much about how a creature was rendered. the building harness could make a transition from creature to voxel.

I absolutely love the idea of putting a chest or two (or 3?) on a creature applied saddle. Very cool idea.

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Using mini titans to do this would be cool

For storage, are you going for something like Runescape’s Pak Yak?

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I would think about a small cart behind the tamed creature (next to sattle bags). I miss such carts since Daggerfall (TES2) ^^

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I dont know what exactly a Pak Yak does, but I dont think so. enlighten me.

They’re pretty much beasts of burden that carry your stuff around.

I suppose it’s a lot like a Pak Yak, but more multipurpose, since you can put any type of block on the harness.