Building Size question

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When Building in a City, Town, Village And there’s areas of plotting what is the preferred building plot size? You like Big areas or small

  • 4x4
  • 3x3
  • 2x2

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2x2 for shop
4x4 Vacation home
10x10 permanent home/workshop


I’ll back Bob here. I prefer 10 x 10 for my home base minimum. Its easier to get creative in a larger area.


if I was building/ planning a city or a village, I’d go for variety of sizes and shapes for available plots, or just have a vaguely defined ‘district’ areas that would be carved into pieces and built upon as necessary so ppl can build whatever feels right at the moment


I don’t see enough of this in building games and I feel like the size of the plots exacerbates the tendency to divide everything into squares. Give the roads some curvy character, make the available plots look like Tetris pieces. Don’t avoid squares entirely, just try to make it a little random with size and shape.

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I had tetris Pieces but nobody wanted them they all ended up squares anyways lol so me just kurious on preferred size lol

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mine ain’t there 50x50


Variety of sizes, 1000%

And not in a grid format, mix it up

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It not Grid ma Place Is Round grid don’t work :laughing:

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I started plotting in a giant circle so I can confirm it’s difficult in terms of compactness but not to make it conform to a grid. You would just have odd shapes here and there.

Draft of my city map