Building tips needed!

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:smirk: this guy.

Thanks @OnlyOneShinobi for the HSE shoutout!

Sorry it took a bit to find this post, and while I usually have too much to say about building it seems most everyone here is spot on.

In regards to just not making a boxy build, remember that most the world IRL side still do boxes, what I do to help others out is say “make a box, leave 3-4 blocks at least around the outside” this will leave you design room. Sometimes a few trees not only detract/distract from a boxy build, but will add to it.

Most of the best builds have all the useful parts underground so they dont get in the way of the weird we want to make on top, sometimes just that simple removal of constraints allows people to mess around.

Our new HSE planet has moved to the TNT hub sovereign portals should you be looking for ideas or someone to talk out a build.

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One thing that helps against building boxes is to resist the urge to build it symmetrically. Lots of times building something symmetrically leads down the box path whether you intended to or not.

I always try to challenge myself in different ways and to think differently about builds. I’m all about symmetry but I have found many different ways to build and have them come out fantastic!


Totally this. I’ve gotten some great building ideas from minecraft. My underwater pyramid was inspired by a desert temple from minecraft. Same with my new modern house that is all concrete and glass.


Here’s a prime example.
This was the inspiration from minecraft:

This is what I built:


that looks a heck of a lot better than minecraft

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FWIW … I tend to build a lot of surface builds with two-block-thick walls. This allows me to get maximum edge (and decorative) stuff done on the outside, and work with “wallpaper” on the inside.

I almost always chisel off a layer inside, anyway, so that I have more space inside. With 3 layer walls (or edges at least) you can introduce hidden lighting, too. :trophy:

I have been working on something similar. I love pyramids I will post it here when my project is done!

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haha, haven’t tried that yet.


There’s a few good pyramid builds in game, and I can’t think of all of them.

However, newcomers PST (possibly Italian?) created one or two. They haven’t been online for the past week or so (hope they’re OK) so their direct portal in the Bath House has lapsed, but if you go to Sochaltin I Compass Hub (via DK Tree, Grandeur Hub, or the GTG Sochaltin I Outpost) you can just head East from the Compass Hub for 200m or so and you’ll find them.

Tread carefully :wink:

ohohoh! Remember that you can also slope chisel both sides of a block, if you slope one side, then precise slope the other. This can either make things more nicerer to look at the other side, or allow you to do cool lighting tricks :wink: