Buying 72000 bone @2.5c each, at Coin Converters, Nova Golda

Buying 72000 bones at 2c each!

Now at 2.5c per bone.

Reach Nova Golda through the TNT trung portal, baskets are just 100m away!

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Is that a Bone Request Basket I see?

Good luck though, people barely sell me any bones for 3. Bone price is probably going to go up IMO, I’m surprised it hasn’t already.

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I have 5 Bone Request Baskets, come have a look.

I would prefer just one really big one, but that’s not possible :neutral_face:

Yeah, I was hoping the amount of bones I was buying would entice people, no need to run to multiple places.

144000c available over the 5 baskets, only meters from the Trung TNT gate!

Sheesh I’m getting out-bulked!


There are pills that can help!

I’m sorry, can’t help it…

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I saw one just today! :joy::joy:

Ooops! Was that Naughty? I’m sorry I couldn’t help it. :crazy_face:


Should we all just flag ourselves? :joy::joy::joy:

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I’ve increased the price to 2.5c per bone, still buying the same quantity, 72000!

Edited first message to reflect current price.

180000c in total.

Shoot that reminds me to empty and refill my ore baskets

Still plenty of coin here